2009. július 31., péntek


[2009. augusztus 24-28.]

Last friday I met a guy... it was actually an official meeting, but he was just so impressive! You cant't belive it!
Well, I was a bit late, as I usually am, so he was already sitting there, in that small but really nice café, waiting for me, and he was drinking ice coffee - with vanilla ice cream in it - just exactly my favourite drink! So everithing started so perfectly!
Well... we've been talking about his money - seriously, that's my job. But how I was listening to him, suddenly I felt like I'm hugging him from behind, sitting on his motorcycle, riding to the sea...
and in one of those magical moments, when nothing is important any more, I felt that our hopefully naked bodies are just floating in that salty water, together with that magical smell of the sea...
So, this is how I was sitting there, in that rather small, but very nice café, listening to him, and suddenly I felt like...

foto: f-fom; 2009. augusztus 25.
music: Nina Simone - Feeling good